Boy Beige

Beholding France expressed itself in Golden rhythmic streets

His wondering feet his inquisitive ears did greet 

His Musical tapping feet

Peering into Pink wavering Canals 

This Gentleman did Stumble into french melodies of bliss

The tone of Beige has gone away

the sounds of Picasso's golden paint strokes at play

European playlists have made its beauteous way

into Mediterranean and Parisian tones of Gold and pink

He found His free rhythm in french Jazzed streets



I have had the sweet blessing of slowly travelling France. While travelling, my heart pockets have been filled with global palettes of Colour. France my first destination! Here are but three colours that have inspired This new Range of Beige ''Pink Paris,  Royal Gold and Soft Pink'' 


Each t-shirt has a hidden poem on the back of the sleeve in teeny tinny embroidery writing. The embroidered poem is a song called colours, written by Lindsey Strand,.


These organic t shirts are made to order so no wastage is at play, with a patient two weeks of waiting for your French delivery to arrive. These tshirts are Organic Cotton these threads are locally sewn and embroidered with a whole lot of Australian Love.


''If you didn't get your creative on the world would be BEIGE you bring the colours in my life''


Much French love and colours

Bon Bon


BOY BEIGE: french tee

  • This T-shirt is a LARGE loose 90's inpired cut design made to fit all body types. There is a hidden embroidered poem on the back of one of the sleeves. A little surprise. Thankyou purchasing A French inspired garment.