~ The French inspired Organic T-shirt has a woven thread of Cream leaving each unique woman feeling the faint touch of luxuary. The cut is designed to sit with a flattering shape and soft silk beauty state. The neckline is a 70's inpsired cut that excites all wearers to tuck the french cream garment into high wasted jeans with a kiss of flares and skirts. 


Each wearable art piece has a story with hidden words bellow. What do your heart eyes fancy? what are the words and image that closely reflect the space of your free field dance?


Each t-shirt is wrapped with tender love and french ribbon care and a hide away post card revealing the story and heart behind each t-shirt.


 ''From the very south of France your elegants, beauty and heaven kissed mystery has made its way onto dearly loveable cream t-shirts.'' Beauty on a tshirt 

Bonnie Gray 




VESSELS TEE: custom made to order

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''Vessels'' Organic cream 70's cut Tshirt
  • We do not do returns or refunds once clients buy any original art works. 

  • Shipment for T-shirts take up to 7-10 days AUST WIDE 3-4 weeks INTERNATIONAL (varies on country)