Vessels ~ Original Art works are filled with textures like layered dusty pink cakes. Each stroke has been inspired by French mediterranean lanscapes and a french kiss of musical lyrics that encourage a heart release of Tap dancing Freedom. All but Archaeologist creams pinks and vessels. 


Four art works 


canvas little petite 711x711mm

Moonlight skies create wonder eyes 


762x1016mm medium rectangle 

Wisdoms array will always stay sunshine eyes


Large square

1016 mm x 1016mm

 Life is covered in skies of technicoloured dance offs and dark backgrounds of yellow and pink shooting stars 


The largest 

150cm x 120 cm 

Eyes that see hope sip of sweet afternoon sunsets and morning sunrises


Package & Post '' Local Artisian Couriers Pack & Send'' Most of the art works vary from $280-$400 to send depending the size of frame or canvas. Insurance, and artist packaging.


All canvases are Hand Crafted with Great Love and Creative Skill by  A  Local canvas designer Bobbie P Gallery. Payment plans are available.


Much love and colour Bonnie Gray 

Textured Canvas artworks

Original artworks
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