Vessels ~ Original Art works are filled with textures like layered dusty pink and green cakes. Each stroke has been inspired by French mediterranean lanscapes and a french kiss of musical lyrics that encourage a heart release of Tap dancing Freedom. All but Archaeologist creams pinks greens and horse leaping vessels. 


Five art works 


SOLD 76.5x76.5cm small green dusty valleys

the new springs of dusty buds brought a new linage of hope in the lungs  


SOLD 765mmx765mm small green dusty valleys

with hope in the heart, green fields abound in the imagination


AVAILABLE Medium rectangle

80x 110mm

Pleasant pinks and new horizons, mercy in new morning glows 


AVAILABLE Large Horizontal 


With pasts history the story of the feet are covered in dusty intention and wisdom learnings, cheers to the heart that learnt alot and is awaken to the rythm of compassion  


AVAILABLELargest 150x102mm

How full is the belly and content are the tastebuds that realise the cave tunnels brought pearls of wisdom . What heavenly truths have you beheld. Forever changed 


Much love and colour Bonnie Gray 

Textured Canvas Original Art

Original Canvas Artworks
  • '' Local Artisian Couriers Pack & Send''

    Most of the art works vary from $280-$400 to send depending the size of frame or canvas. Insurance, and artist packaging. Once order is recieved we will contact you with tracking details and an invoice for shipping costs once address is established.

    All canvases are Hand Crafted with Great Love and Creative Skill by  A  Local canvas designer Bobbie P Gallery. Payment plans are available.